Rob Langley Washington, Peters Twp and Pleasant Hills

It's a great buy a home!

 Mortgage lending has become more exciting and much more involved then it was just a few years ago. The options available to you are more than just one bank, or just one internet company can offer to you, so it makes sense to work with a company such as West Penn Financial which has more options available than most others can offer. Why? We are local. We also work with more programs and sources than just one bank can offer.

    We help you sort through the options to determine what fits you and the property the best. And it is all done right here, locally by experienced, knowledgeable, full time employees. West Penn is a Mortgage Lender so we process, approve and fund your loan in our Pittsburgh Office.

    With over 25 years experience at West Penn, I will provide you with the answers you seek and the time you need to be comfortable with your home financing options. With our competitive Conventional, FHA, VA, & USDA mortgages our first time buyer programs, and refinance loans, I have helped thousands of homebuyers find the right home loan to fit the property they like, as well as their cash, employment, income and credit parameters.

   I look forward to helping you do the same. Call me at (412) 334-3464 to get started.




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